Dr Trozzi - Dr Sucharit Bhakti Intense New Material | Mask ...At the dawn of 2021, my father (Dr. Mark Trozzi) and I embarked on a mission to expose the atrocities of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, and aid in freeing Canada from their control. We were unsure of how we would make ends meet, or if we would be captured or killed. Would the positive impact of our work be worth the sacrifice and danger? The uncertainties were heavy and stressful.

Although my father is a 25 year veteran physician, calm under pressure with lots of life experience, I was a very green IT assistant; just turned 20 – a 2020 high school graduate, with absolutely zero qualifications. I held a knack for art, and had studied entrepreneurship on the side, but had never even attempted anything like what we were setting out to do. If anything was certain about this new chapter of my life, it was that I was learning on the job.

As we pioneered into waters unknown to us, we faced corporate censorship, were targeted by criminal government institutions, and were slandered by the dinosaur media. Hindered by suited demons at every turn, we worked nine to sixteen hours a day to make our vision a reality; to help bring the truth to light.

I worked solely in the background for nearly a year, until I met a timely guide; a delightful doctor named Susan. We played music together, talked about ideas and philosophy, and quickly became friends. In the course of a long conversation she raised the issue that my generation is almost completely unrepresented.

Determining the Proper Depth to Plant SeedsDr. Susan asked me, “would you consider putting your name out there?”

“No, my place is in the background,” I answered. Nevertheless, the seed was sown, and the question occupied my mind day and night: If not me, then who?

Synchronicity followed. Less than a week later, an opportunity arose for me to put pen to paper, and I wrote my first public article, A beginner guide to end Big Tech brainwashing, which we published on drtrozzi.org on the occasion of my 21st birthday. I felt inspired and appreciated, as I watched the read count exceed 5600. Positive responses flooded in from our beautiful audience, family, and friends. Then the cherry on top was placed upon my motivated heart, when John Platinum featured my article in a post on All the Goss. The title: “Over to the Youth.”

“It is hopefully not rare to find such enlightenment in today’s youth.” These words changed my perception of the future, and my world view, faster than I could say, “I am not alone.”

Planting Seeds! | Planting seeds, Family caregiver, Doctor ...In the following weeks, I contemplated what I would do next; no intuitions came to me about what to write. What problem can I help fix next? It felt like there was a million to choose from. Before I could move forward, I had to look back, and I thought of Dr. Susan and the very problem that initiated this experience: my generation is almost completely unrepresented.

Looking within, considering how I got to this point in my life, I picked through my experiences of the last year, the skills I had learned, and this recent experience of awakening to this brand new question of interpreting all this seemingly divine guidance. Slowly, the puzzle started piecing together.

I soon after joined the WCH Youth Committee, which had just formed a couple of weeks before. Upon joining, I was asked how I would awaken/inspire my generation, and my answer was the rough initial ideas behind Over to the Youth. In the days ahead, my mind swirled around this quote by Gandhi, which I had read off the wall at my brother’s apartment a couple years before.

Be the change you want to see in the world

To lead by example is the only way to be a leader. If I wanted my peers to solve the world problems close to their hearts, first I would have to solve that which was close to mine. I would have to pioneer a way for the youth to collaborate on positive change, build a platform for their voices to be heard, and connect them with the teachers they needed to succeed on their quests. Finally, as I decided to begin building this website, the remains of my doubts were vanquished as another subtle synchronicity occurred: “overtotheyouth.com” was available. 


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