How to buy non-KYC Bitcoin

Hodl Hodl demonstrative walkthrough:


How to open a Hodl Hodl account

Now that you have a non-custodial wallet, the next step is to acquire your first non-KYC coins. I recommend a service called Hodl Hodl. This is a pier to pier exchange. There are lots of options to both buy and sell here, and you can post your own offers too. Bitcoin will typically be more expensive to buy here than on a platform like Coinbase, but for the sake of privacy, it’s worth it. Above I have showcased a hodler with the best rate I’ve found, 5% markup with his automated service.

NOTE: You will need a working non-custodial wallet. If you’re not set up yet, here is a tutorial on installing a portable electrum wallet onto a USB drive:


To create a Hodl Hodl Account, go to and click sign-up.


Fill in the information. Best practices are to use a junk email address, an alias nickname, and a strong password, but timezone doesn’t matter too much (although choosing a different timezone may further increase anonymity). Make sure your VPN is on whenever you’re online, especially when doing anything regarding crypto. Finally, if you have a referral code enter it if you wish, click agree, complete the caption, and click sign-up.


After completing step 2, you will have been sent an email verification link. Find it in your inbox, if it’s not there check spam and all mail folders. Once you have opened the email, click the confirmation link, which will send you back to Hodl Hodl.


You’ll be taken to your profile edit page. You don’t need to do anything here if you do not wish to. Click “Hodl Hodl pier to pier trading” on the left toolbar.


Create a payment password. This is an additional password to release funds when you’re trading through the escrow platform on Hodl Hodl. Afterwards, add a default Bitcoin address.


Add your country (or a different country), select medium (or whichever transaction fee type you would prefer) and click save changes.

You are ready to begin purchasing non-KYC Bitcoin!

Now that you’re ready to buy non-KYC Bitcoin, please refer to the video and links at the top of this page for guidance in making escrow transactions with a trusted Bitcoin hodler.

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