Brace for impact! Waves of censorship inbound

Are the rumors of intensifying censorship worth preparing for?

For those who have already thrown their gauntlet in the ring, this article is intended for you; particularly those who are in the 1% of people sacrificing everything to save everybody else – you are most surely under the most heat. For those still pondering how they can make a stand, I hope this article is of benefit to you as you make your preparations. We must practice a strong defence to hold the ground under the feet of our offensive players, if they are to deliver the final blow.

I write this in the context of having many defensive preparations to make. Ideally, we will be ready before the neglected man-child working at the CIA pushes the shiny red button, and destroys everything myself and others have laboured to create these last two years.

I wish to share what I’ve heard, and you can choose whether it’s wise to take action or not. For me, the risks and consequences of not acting are great, and I feel inclined to harden the armor protecting the freedom and truth-loving organizations I’m involved in. There is a chance that this is the wave that takes us out, but the odds are worse if we do not try. There’s talk passing around the outer rings of the movement of a wave of censorship unlike anything we’ve yet seen. Talk of a state-controlled internet, not unlike China’s, whereby the ‘Great Firewall’  “control(s)… all Internet traffic into, out of, and within the country.

“Hi Rain. Thanks for your advice. I’ll look at it all. Yes I think everything is leading to a big “deplatforming” action soon. Maybe it will start with a fake global cyber attack by “Russia” and when everything settles down we’ll be in a permanent state of 100% media/internet control. Licence needed to access the internet and put content up or even engage on social media or own a website, etc. And that means people on our side wouldn’t get licenses obviously! Squarespace and Wix will require a valid web licence number when you try to set up a site. Web hosting companies will need to run a check before they process your payment, etc. That’s why I want to set up an offline system of leafleting/printers/volunteers backed by big names and credible info. Keep fighting. Best wishes.”

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“How could they possibly pull off even more bullshit than they already have?” 

That was honestly my first thought as I read my acquaintance’s message, but then I started looking down the field and it made sense.

A brief history of false flags

Agenda-driven entities with questionable motives have a history of using false flags to scare and hypnotize the misinformed masses, and accumulate more power. For instance, in the chaos of WW2, these entities introduced the “Emergency War Measures Tax” (AKA income tax), which was of course a “temporary” measure which stands to this day. To name another example, Guantanamo Bay and the now-declassified Operation Northwoods was a false flag which the US military used to secure a base in Cuba, which they still control today, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident raises more questions about the motives of these entities in invoking US involvement in the Vietnam War.

9:11 was an inside job that killed thousands of Americans that day and countless innocent people in the subsequent “War on Terror” invasion of the Middle East. They’re so desperate to cover this up twenty years later, but one doesn’t need to be a genius to see through the lies, when they see the demolition footage for themself. The list goes on…

Do you see a reoccurring pattern? By causing fear, based on lies, they deceive mankind into surrendering more of our inalienable rights and freedoms for “protection” from the state. That’s like begging the fox to guard the hen house after one of your chickens go missing!

Russian cyber attack false flag to lead into Internet censorship?

What’s all this talk about “Russian cyber attacks”? Again, I sense dishonesty. Perhaps, they’re engineering an excuse to seize complete authoritarian control over the internet and silence their opponents. This is theoretical, but so were “vaccine” passports and central bank digital currencies before they became a reality. We need to be mindful of the moves which would most benefit the Global Predators, and take action before they strike. The enemy, arrogant as always, has telegraphed their intentions, and showed their cards with the WEF “Cyber Polygon” program and their lapdog Trudeau’s Bill C-11.

We’ve already experienced waves of censorship from the corporate sector, which you likely know first-hand or have witnessed happen to others.  

Despite predominately filling back-line support roles throughout the Covid chapter, authoring IT tutorials and fringe articles like “Harmony with the Earth | 3 ideas to reduce waste”, I too have been deplatformed by multiple email campaign services, been shadow banned from Facebook, and had all my PayPal accounts permanently suspended without explanation. I’ve heard many stories of our front-liners taking far harder hits. Many of us are all too familiar with “fact checkers”, algorithmic censorship of search engines, and YouTube’s purge of divergent creators. It is not outrageous to say that they want to silence us.

Can it get worse? What preparations will we wish we made?

Here’s a basic checklist which builds upon a previous article about this subject:

  1. Get off of censorship web hosting companies, and migrate your website to a secure hosting company (Bitcoin payment options will make you immune to bank account freezes/PayPal suspensions) Best to shop around so we don’t centralize on one single host
  2. Upload all your content to Rumble, Bitchute, or Odysee and replace all YouTube video embeds on your website
  3. Backup your website regularly (Backup Migration is a good plugin for WordPress websites)
  4. Backup your email list (Export your audience into a csv file which can be quickly recovered on another emailing platform if you’re taken down)
  5. Switch to a email marketing service which is less likely to censor you. Constant Contact has been stable in my experience, but again, best to avoid centralizing on one platform – I encourage you to shop around.
  6. Exodus your audience off anti-social media platforms by adding their contact to your emailing list (make sure to ask permission)
  7. Download and use a VPN (this will allow you to access content restricted by your nation state by going around geographical-censors)
  8. Use some form of DDOS protection on your websites, such as Cloudflare

Advanced Resources to combat censorship:

Here are some advanced resources:

To beat censorship, we must be invulnerable to it

Beyond my recommendations mentioned above, there are problems and scenarios which are well beyond what I can advise upon with my current abilities. If the surface web goes down, or the CIA confiscates our domain names in the name of “fighting terrorism”, thus prevents our websites from resolving, or we’re unable to pay our hosting providers after our bank accounts get frozen, we will be forced to resort to hosting Tor sites on our own bare metal servers, hijacking our enemy’s fiber optic infrastructure like it’s an apocalyptic episode of Trailer Park Boys. In such a bleak scenario, printing off leaflets and newspapers in Soviet Era-style basement presses, hidden under rusty trap doors and dusty rugs, might be the best we can do to warn mankind before the state sticks the next dangerous and experimental injection into our arms.

Already, there are individuals and organizations focused on fighting censorship by making themselves invulnerable to it. Alternative media platforms like Gab are taking control of their own infrastructure, and print initiatives like The Light Truthpaper are getting real informative journalism physically into the hands of the people – censor that Google! I must also stress the importance of prepping, in whatever capacity you are capable of. In the event of a SHTF scenario (though I pray this does not happen) things will change drastically, and we’ll be grateful for the canned and dried food in our cellars.

If you have other insights into how we can strengthen our defenses before a new authoritarian temper-tantrum emerges from Big Brother, please leave a comment. We need everything we can get in this fight for truth and freedom.

Be strong and stand united. You are lions.

~Rain Trozzi

Special thanks goes out to my colleagues, Tom and others, for their editorial assistance with this article.

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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