Cannibalism | Is this the “new normal”?

Would you eat a human corpse to reduce your carbon footprint?

There is no shortage of absurdities circulating the internet and media outlets, and it feels like just yesterday we were wrestling with the proposal of eating bugs, because it´s more environmentally friendly than beef. Personally, I´m waiting for the apocalypse to kick off before I make a lifestyle out of that one. More importantly though, surely you have heard? It´s getting weirder…

Previously an untouchable taboo only explored in film and fiction, music and video games, cannibalism is the new trendy activity hitting the dinner table, because we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Wait what?

Are there better ways to save the planet than cannibalism?

Although some body types likely need to eat meat to optimize their health, with the sheer diversity of micro-nutrients available to the conscious shopper, it´s possible for most individuals to live a very healthy life, with a complete diet, as a vegan or vegetarian. Why not go that route, or simply eat less meat? Why would we turn to eating our dead when we have such a broad diversity of options?

Moreover, what is up with human flesh flavored vegan burgers? Swedish alternative meat company Oumph designed this product for Halloween last year, and the residents of Stockholm were the first to have a taste of the world´s first artificial man flesh. It´s not cannibalism if it just tastes like it right? It´s not gay if you´re wearing socks.

“This Halloween, we really want to push some boundaries….” Mission accomplished guys! Vegans everywhere can finally satisfy any sudden cravings for barbecued man flesh without ruining their strict diets.  This may help carnivorous cannibals reduce their carbon footprint by turning to more environmentally friendly soy products.

What about all the non-vegan cannibals though, or those with an intolerance to gluten? Should they not be able to enjoy the primal sensation of eating one of their own too? Apologies, I mean fight climate change. Fortunately, the dinosaur media – the Pfizer sponsored TV people who tend to get the weather forecast wrong – are badly pushing for the public to reconsider their stance on this oppressed activity. Animal protein; climate crisis. Cannibalism; progress. Beef burger; kill planet. Man burger; save planet. Kuru disease; conspiracy theory!

AI powered meat processing plants with advanced air-knives?

In all seriousness, have you heard about the massive AI controlled meat rendering facility beginning construction in Rapid City, South Dakota next year? It has a 1.1billion dollar budget, is planned to open in 2026, and process 8000 heads of cattle per day. They´re calling it Western Legacy Development Corporation. I can´t help but feel a bit nervous these days, and I ask; where are they going to get all those cows from? 8000 cows per day. It´s not available in  the region, and ranchers elsewhere are thinning their herds, long before the factory opens in 2026. Where are they going to acquire 3 million heads of cattle per year to return the huge $1.1billion investment? A certain movie comes to mind, but I´d be delighted if my intuition is wrong this time.

What do you think? Is this a “new normal” that resonates with you? Would you eat man flesh to save the planet from global warming? Do you think it would work? Are there better ways to heal our climate from the damage done, without eating Grandma? Are the gullible masses being conditioned to live in a barbaric Soylent Green like civilization, and is there a malicious underlining agenda at hand? Your opinion matters, please leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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16 Responses

  1. Ugh! There was a tv show aimed at teens called “The 100” that had a season where they ate people, ostensibly for their survival when they were locked in a bunker. The whole show was gruesome and terrible cruelty and cunning was depicted. Brain implants were also a central part of the plot. So this was predictive programming propaganda aimed at teens, really gross stuff. Under no circumstances should anyone eat other people, ever! Maybe the sick psychos at the top are trying to push this on the rest of us because they are already cannibals and they want to drag all of us down to hell with them. In any case we domesticated animals a long time ago and should eat those, or if you do well on a vegan or vegetarian diet then do that. We need to save the planet alright but in my opinion not from global warming, from the ruling narcissistic sociopath globalists in banking, pharma, and the WEF.

  2. Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic. I conclude using my higher minded consciousness that this is just a reveal in a process of ‘Misery loves company”. Meaning that ‘they’ have been doing this for possibly a millenia and sadly so have we – the men and women on Earth, albeit unknowingly. We have already consumed much of this ‘food source’ in the fast food (doof) burgers, chicken fingers (chickens dont have fingers) and oh, so much more. Nestle has been putting aborted baby cells in most of its ‘doof’ including drinks, water etc., as we have been reading of late. Yes, i am afraid ‘Misery loves company’ and now, get ready for it …. we told you so… in movies, Halloween gigs, etc. But a big thanks to ‘them’ for coming full frontal cause it is waking many of us up and this train is abruptly coming to a full stop soon i feel.

  3. then there are the 20 states disposing of human bodies in the sewage slug which is fertilizing food crops. alkaline decomposition or some such.

  4. Great article Rain! Well done and Glod bless you for trying to reach the youth – keep up the great work. You are making a difference!

  5. Beware of any product advertised as “Plant Based” or “Made from Plants”. Unless it specifically states “Vegetarian” or “Vegan”, these products are purported to contain aborted fetal cells just under the amount, which would force a listing in the ingredients list. Think about it. If “Beet Juice” really truly produced that “meaty” texture and flavor, wouldn’t we have figured this out years ago. Beet Juice is not revolutionary. It does not produce a meaty texture or flavor in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, “Plant Based” can easily mean a large salad with a beef steak on the side. It does not and has not ever meant “Vegan” or “Vegetarian”. The products to be cautious about are: Impossible Burger and Beyond Beef. “Made from Plants” does not mean “100% made from Plants”. Personally, I would not touch anything that advertises as “Plant Based” or “Made from Plants”, unless it also says “100% Vegan” or “100% Vegetarian” or “100% Made from Plants and Nothing Else!”

  6. It reminds me of the fictional book called “Meat” by Joseph D’Lacy. Utterly chilling. I couldn’t get this book out of my mind after reading it.

  7. Good article Rain. Nice to see some logical input from your generation. Thank you for all work behind the scenes with your Dad. I think our truths are making a difference finally. Keep up the Positive Spirit

  8. Eating people has long been an esteemed activity in my part of the world… PNG to South Pacific. The Maori song “Puha & Pakeha” celebrates the fine partnership between the green vegetable puha and “long pig”, the euphemism for cooked whiteman.

    Unfortunately, eating people to excess causes a fatal disease, so we may conclude from this that eating human meat in more modest quantities, is nevertheless harmful but not necessarily fatal. This suggests the whole idea is bad and should be outlawed. Oh, but wait, we went through this centuries ago and drew the same conclusion, so why are we reinventing the wheel now?


    This is not about tucker variance but devaluing humans, devaluing death, and devaluing the concepts of right and wrong. Adopting some of the essential techniques of Ju Jitsu, I suggest that, instead of fighting this global exercise in propaganda head-on, we kinda go with the WEF flow and assume the stance of a butcher, sharpen our knives, and with Gates, Fauci and Schwarb, proceed to eviscerate. “Fun and effective”, I say.

  9. Ewwwwww. How many ways can we descend into madness and self destruct? Oh right, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun.” Eccles 1:9

  10. Rain; I’m very happy to see what you are doing and creating positivity for the Youth. That’s just brilliant.
    I love what your Dad has been doing as well. I have been reading and watching him since the Covid Plandemic when I first heard of his problems with his medical license simply for speaking the truth.
    Thank you Rain for what you are doing.
    You are definately your father s son and doing a great job as he has.
    Thankyou. Love You.

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