Cash vs Crypto with Rain Trozzi, James Harvey & Debbie Hicks

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Is there a time and place for both cash and Bitcoin in the battle against CBDCs?

Thank you James Harvey from Students Against Tyranny for hosting this debate between Debbie Hicks of Keep it Cash and myself, Rain Trozzi. It was a gap-bridging, common-ground focused dialogue. I entered the conversation with the expectation that Debbie and I would vastly agree on fundamental principles, and we certainly did, despite our differing opinions and perspectives on cryo-currency. I would like to thank Debbie for the work she is doing, and for keeping an open mind throughout this constructive and exciting debate. The atmosphere was extremely relaxed and solution-oriented, and I hope this conversation contributes to a coming unity between the Bitcoin Community and the Global Truth Freedom Movement. We are stronger together, and it will take a multi-solution approach to win the race against Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Links for those who are interested in Bitcoin:

For those interested in getting into Bitcoin, or want to better understand the philosphy and technology which makes Bitcoiners like myself so enthusiastic about it as a tool for decentralization and financial sovereignty, I have linked some resources below to help you begin your journey of exploration. Remember: don´t over-invest in anything you don´t understand, at all all times “don´t trust, verify.”

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