The Plandemic Conspiracy

After having sat in my saved messages on Telegram for weeks, I finally found the time to watch ‘The Plan’. The film documents instances of international figures and organisations involved in ‘pandemic preparedness’ well before COVID-19 entered the fray in early 2020. Under other circumstances, most people would likely have no reason to question governments preparing for pandemics. However, the startling accuracy of the kinds of predictions made by world leaders raises uneasy questions in my mind. Could what we have seen by world governments regarding COVID-19 be orchestrated in some way?


Bill Gates giving a TED Talk in 2015

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a pandemic has been falsely called; one need look no further than the WHO’s handling of H1N1. Other coincidences are also too strong to disregard, not least the SPARS exercise and Event 201 run by John Hopkins University, which seemed to predict almost to a tee how COVID-19 would play out. China held a novel coronavirus simulation event in Wuhan in 2019. We have Fauchi’s certainty of a “surprise pandemic” during Donald Trump’s term in office. We have almost every country in the world implementing the same lockdown policies and deliberate fearmongering exercises at the same time. Even the BBC acknowledge how accurate Bill Gates’ 2015 TED Talk on a future pandemic was in relation to COVID-19. If so many people in powerful positions knew what would be needed well in advance for the next pandemic, why did they not funnel money towards those areas of weakness in pandemic preparedness? Why were workers in hospitals short of PPE?


The perceived characteristics of Covid-19 only add more fuel to this fire. How can it be that the genetic sequence of Covid-19 contains a section of DNA patented by Moderna in 2017? What of Denis Rancourt’s work showing no changes to all-cause mortality over the Covid period? What of the scientists, including Kary Mullis, who have demonstrated the faults of PCR and their ability to be misused in creating ‘casedemics’? What of the questionable way that Covid deaths have been reported globally, and the monetary incentives for identifying Covid cases, providing particular treatments and deaths linked to that?


EU countries seemingly had digital COVID passes in the works well in advance of the vaccine roll-out.

Then we come on to vaccines. Aside from mRNA coronavirus vaccines being reviewed back in 2019, as documented in the film, and Israel having a COVID-19 vaccine almost ready to go in February 2020 through “pure luck”, there is much talk that vaccines are the only solution out of the pandemic, even when other means like early treatment and hygeine improvements are all recognised as effective. Bill Gates, who openly brags about his vaccine investments, says that there can be no escape from COVID-19 until almost the entire world is vaccinated. Was COVID-19 simply a means of introducing a vaccine passport scheme worked on as early as 2018? Would this explain the posters for an EU COVID-19 Green Pass that were being printed in January 2020, even though the Green Pass did not exist until the following year?


Coincidence is not necessarily evidence. But there are other more concrete signs that something is amiss here. What of Black & Veatch, a defence contractor involved in Ukrainian biolabs, securing a contract regarding Covid-19 months before Covid-19 had even been identified? What of the Covid-19 test kits that were exported to countries as early as 2017? What of the 2015 patents for COVID-19 testing methods (by none other than the Rothschilds), not made public until September 2020? And there is far more in medical patents that raises concern.


Of course, the question comes to mind of why anyone would go through the effort to fake it all. There are those who claim population reduction, a lust for power or religious belief as sufficient to explain this. Regardless, when the likes of Klaus Schwab would rather not let a crisis go to waste, or WHO’s Tedros is seen saying there will be “no returning to the old normal”, I can not help but question that far more is unfolding here than first meets the eye.

For more on the unusual coincidences surrounding COVID-19, consider checking out Mikki Willis’ two-part documentary “Plandemic” and “Plandemic: Indoctrination”, as well as this timeline documenting relevant events in the leadup to COVID-19.

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