Contemplation on the consequence of systemic dishonesty

The energy required to uphold a false narrative is exponential as it attempts to overpower truth. The consensus mechanism of truth is the most efficient model. Truth is enduring, sustainable, and ultimately fruitful, because it is rooted in what is, not in expensive fabrications and delicate propaganda. No matter how big, how relentlessly enduring, and how boldly broadcasted, lies wither against the test of time.

To deviate from truthful action or thought, the liar must uphold fabrications which are unverifiable in nature, and simultaneously convince others they are real.

The complexity of dishonesty

The successful perpetual liar exerts extreme effort. They must remember their past lies in detail, as if it was his history, and remain consistent under interrogation. Caught in a web of their own deception, the liar lives stretched thin between diverging realities. The distance between truth and his fiction grows with every compiled lie.

The liar finds his success in exploiting the trust of others. Like a neck outstretched under a guillotine, the fragility of his reputation is a towering anxiety he cannot escape. He cannot escape the inevitability of that which is in darkness being brought to light. The fear of getting caught takes its toll.

Upholding a lie ensured significant energy costs. In contrast, living, operating, communicating, and building with what is true is the most efficient model in low-time-preference creative endeavors.

Why deviate away from truth?

There are many reasons why someone might deviate away from the truth, including:

  • To avoid punishment or negative consequences for their actions
  • To gain an advantage or benefit for themselves or others
  • To protect themselves or others from perceived harm for their actions or beliefs
  • To preserve relationships or avoid conflict
  • To save face or maintain a certain image
  • To manipulate or control others
  • To deceive or mislead for personal or professional gain

It’s important to note that the choice to lie or deceive is often influenced by their personal values, morals, and circumstances.

Weaponizing information

To achieve fabrication on a mass scale, tools can be utilized to expand the efficiency of the fabrication. Technology, algorithms, propaganda networks, legislation, and public education can be weaponized to direct the masses into unknowingly and voluntarily upholding a grand lie of extreme consequence to themselves, and the people they care for. It becomes a perceived truth of their reality; an new object in their matrix.

Many fabrications exist in clear sight – impostors. They exist unquestioned. “I don´t know what I don´t know.” The incentive structures of our reality are simulations rooted in fake premises designed to channel human behaviour, attention, and emotion to serve the desires of parasites.

“All warfare is based on deception.”—Sun Tzu

Certain fundamental truths require mass consensus to deviate away from. An invasive industry has blossomed from of the incentives to uphold mass-faith in fabrications. Our propagandized media is an effective weapon in the war against fundamental truth. This takes form in the videos we watch; the news we hear; the studies we read, and the top down influence of glorified actors. To uphold a false narrative, these methods require immense energy, maintenance, infrastructure, and preparation.

Discomfort, dependancy, attention & energy

The discomfort of the human condition stems from a subconscious awareness that we are living a lie. Despite an encompassing matrix of false perceptions, truth remains pure and untarnished. It is the turbulence of integrating lies into our world view, and painfully choosing to ignore truth-revealing facts; defensive of the false narratives we grow helplessly dependant on. The Remnant chooses to explore the rough edges of his/her matrix. When we find ourselves certain, we can observe under varying degrees of magnification that we cannot explain why. We can only be certain of uncertainty itself.

Attention is the focus-point of creation. By removing or allocating our attention, we either become or exclude ourselves from participation as food for a system or belief. Our conscious and subconscious attention is the bridge from the informational realm into physical reality. Conceivably, with strong probability, we fall into a new attention-emotion trap after breaking away from our last. It is like swimming in a fishbowl, in a fishbowl, in a fishbowl… Therefore, it is wise to check our certainties, lest we stunt our personal evolution.

In conclusionary contemplation, how and to what extent does the energy upholding fabricated systems take away from that which could be allocated to systems rooted in truth?

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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