A revelation on the opposing Bitcoin and fiat worldviews

Poker night

“Sorry I´m late,” said the young man with the poker chips. I arrived expecting to waste some fiat currency with some people I didn´t know, but instead found myself waiting over an hour for a game I would never play. Instead, I spent the time practicing my orange-pill strategies on these university students. Unsurprisingly, the ongoing theme of this unusually social day of mine panned out in perfect tune – they were utterly clueless.

“That´s alright Lium,” I replied honestly, with a smile as I got up to leave. “I got a chance to talk about Bitcoin, so I´m happy.”

“I don´t know anything about stocks!” he proclaimed without a trace of malice. “All I know is this… Tesla and Game Stop.” As the group laughed in good cheer, time slowed down as I finally and suddenly understood why I feel so alone.

A different world view

I approach Bitcoin from a technological perspective, and through this lens it has become the central obsession of my life; a passion which has consumed my every thought, and every day. In a world flooded with deception, false prophets, unfair systems, religions and fake-science demanding blind faith, and a looming sense of temperance in all things, I found honesty and hope in Bitcoin. I found an algorithm which offers me and everyone else the empowerment of financial sovereignty. It´s a monetary system rooted in truth, not theft. It´s owned by everyone, not a handful of bankers. It is a granite foundation for me to build on, with a sense of permanency as I do so. When I´m gone, Bitcoin will still be there.

For those who comprehend Bitcoin as a mere fiat stock held on a custodian exchange or trading platform it is not the philosophy, the notion of freedom, or undermining the parasitic governments or banks which peaks interest. All they hear from an economical perspective is, “number go up” or “number go down,” and although the number will go up, Bitcoin is not so two dimensional. We are running on different operating systems.

Leaving breadcrumbs

I vaguely remember a time little more than a year ago that I felt cynical of the concepts I now feel so passionate about, but I´m already forgetting the questions I used to ponder in the beginning, the “simple stuff.” As I proceed, I feel inclined to document my revelations, to share my experience and to remember where I´ve been.

Something I´ve been taught in theory, but only in that moment finally understood, is that when someone experiences “the call” or the “orange pill”, they experience a death of the ego which bound them to the fiat mentality. The result is a new perspective which can never be erased… For me: a feeling of alienation from the world I used to know, and a desire to awaken people to the things I see, in desperation to cure the loneliness I carry. Humorously, I´ve become a missionary for an absurd faith written in code.

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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