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Since the dawn of the internet, our world has changed dramatically. Woocommerce, online video streaming, wikipedia, search engines, social media, wordpress, email marketing, etc. These things, and many more, have existed for a mere blip in the broad-scope of our history. Our economies, spending habits, methods of communication, and culture itself has undergone such a dramatic transformation that there are a lot of holes to fill. One of which is that there is (or rather was) no native currency for the internet.

We have been transacting with the shadows of value (fiat currency) when we buy goods and services online, but I´d push it further to say that we have been transacting with the shadows of shadows. Dollars, pounds, euros; it´s not real “money”. It may be portable, durable (arguably), and divisible, but it is by no means scarce. “Money” as we know it, is a lie.

Bitcoin is real money, and it is the first native money of the internet. We can finally transact with a durable, portable, divisible, and scarce medium of exchange in the digital age, without placing our blind or uneasy trust in greed-incentivised fiat banks and money printers.

Fiat “money” printing in contrast to Bitcoin scarcity and public consensus

The Federal Reserve is a private company, which prints and issues dollars out of thin air and sells them to the government as a loan; the interest of which we pay for via taxation, and can never pay off. Money printing by the Federal Reserve and government violates free-market principles by empowering a small in-group to accumulate unfathomable quantities of real-world assets and government bonds, with their infinite magic “money” machine – “money” which the rest of us need to work for, but which they may fabricate from nothing at our expense, via inflation. As our savings become worth less over time, they buy up our physical commodities, business bonds, and land without ever putting in the proof-of-work to earn it. It´s a parasitic system rooted in invisible top-down theft, upheld by our collective faith and acquiescence.

Without any grounding to reality, with no law of scarcity by way of nature or public consensus, fiat is infinite. Hence, it is worthless. In my opinion, we are taxed so that the government can keep us poor; they work us like slaves merely to keep us working. They attack the middle class because the poor and hungry are easier to control, and they tax us to make their money scarce for us, whilst not so for them. Slavery was never abolished, it was re-framed.

Bitcoin is neutral and fair, rooted in proof of work and a scarce (highly divisible) supply limited to 21,000,000 Bitcoin. Bitcoin is superior because it works better, and it fully aligns with the four characteristics of universal value. It is more divisible, portable, durable, and obviously far more scarce than fiat currencies. It is a top-tier form of money, on par with gold and silver bullion. Bitcoin is also resilient, decentralized, and non-corruptible. It is a public consensus of agreed rules, enforced by over 100,000 libertarian operated nodes around the world, and those who try to cheat are excluded from the network. Bitcoin, if properly used, empowers the libertarian individual to transact with other libertarians, without involving banks or other questionable third parties in their dealings. It accomplishes what the Keep It Cash movement cannot; to operate within our own fair and global economy under a completely new set of rules. Consistent rules.

So what happens when people stop working for the fake money of a proof-of-stake system? What happens when we exclusively accept real, scarce, money like Bitcoin, gold, and silver for our hard work and valuable property? How might parasites profit in an economy that fairly rewards producers?

Never stop thinking, don´t trust, verify, and choose.

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