Over to the Youth Podcast #1 | Navigating historical times

Can we protect personal medical data sovereignty through decentralization of patient information with a blockchain system? Can we protect our financial assets through diversification during drastically changing times? What skills can we invest in to come through any situation? What is the Alberta separatist movement, and how do Albertan people feel about being governed from Ottawa?

Madison and MayCee Holmes, Evie Dove, and Rain Trozzi discuss these topics and more in this free-flow discussion group podcast.

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  1. I’m so proud to listen to our future leaders- thoughtful and factual concerns !!
    Thank you

  2. I’m very grateful to hear young people speak about and concerned about these important issues! Thank you for your program! Every blessing, Debby😊😊😊

  3. Articulate, knowledgeable & sharing ideas for change & laid back… You guys are just incredible & glad to have met you all! Sorry, but can’t edit previous comment to add this to it!

  4. Very interesting. Sounds like the best plans, today, for the youth, are survival needs. Like what is valuable to trade, for our needs, like work skills. Do you know how to naturally care for a birthing mothet? Just imagine living on the land without the necessary skills to survive even one year if there was no electrical power, and no gas or oil. Is that even possible when people hoarded toilet paper on a trial lock down of two weeks over two years ago? The retail food shelves were emptied that you could hardly find baking flour. This is how WHO used the medical-science elites, in every city, to control the armed forces and the world economics. None of the elitists have gone to jail but those who stood for their own truth.

    1. Absolutely! By becoming more resilient and self-sufficient, we´ll be far harder to enslave. It´s a huge undertaking. I think that there´s good reasons for communities to pool their resources together, but as one of our members explained from her experience living in an off-grid community, it´s complicated and people-problems still arise over unmet expectations and agreements never made formal.

  5. Very encouraging to listen to this age group being so thoughtful, intelligent, aware, with some added humour. It gives hope to us grannies, who are getting a little tired of this push back for freedom the last 3 years (some of us maybe for 50 years?).

    You seem to have grasped the key points for community building, skills learning, and the importance of knowing how to care for yourself. Let me know if you want some wise witch teaching some herbal basics – my passion the last 40 years.

    1. Hi Lorene. Thanks for your encouragement. We´re exploring ideas on events for the broader community, and learning about herbal basics would be a super empowering skill for our members to learn!

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