There’s no such thing as an easy life.

I slept easy,

thinking the formula was on my bedside.

That in the morning, I could pick it up,

And try to solve this equation.

Thinking there was an answer key 

at the end of the book.

I now realize that life isn’t a fucking textbook. 


There is a man who can’t sleep anymore.

The formula is not anticipated as before.

He had two girls and a son.

All of which want to see a change in the system.

We hid before.

Me not so long.

Wanting to live our lives at a distance.

But now our faces our getting bare,

Left for those big bad eyes to stare.

He must be stressed.

The poor guy. 

What if we’re next on the list? 

What if we all die?


It’s been too long since we’ve shed a tear,

And acted with courage despite our fears.

I know life goes on but there was no key! 

Don’t you see?

Life was never that easy.

It’s not just school and careers and bills.

All of which are earned, 

through integral wills.

No. It’s more and it always has been.

We are not cattle.

We are human.

I live to love and learn and play, 

But to serve so you can do the same.

I like the quietness in my room,

But I always preferred, sharing the view.

I’m scared and weep for the those who’ve died,

Believing that the system was on their side.

I mourn for those who lost their life,

Trying to protect those they didn’t want to die.

Or those who took it, cause they were coerced.

They just wanted to put their families first. 


I cry for those who aren’t yet gone,

For their pieces are there, for them to walk on. 

Lying in the ground,

Thinking they were so young.

Now those potential songs  

will always go unsung.


So as for me,

What will I do?

Sacrifice to create something new? 

Balance between what I thought and never knew? 

I feel so sorry,

If I cannot be,

all that my community needs me to be.

I’ve been so blessed with all I have.

It’s just..

Losing people makes me sad.

There’s so much love, and with that comes pain, 

Because I want to be everything I can.

For you.

Because I love you.

And I don’t want to see you go.

My heart loves you more 

then I could ever know.

So when I wake up tomorrow, 

as I’m laying in my bed,

I’ll look for a piece of openness instead. 

I’ll look for the passion that lies within my heart,

And bond together, what pride has torn apart.

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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