On Ukraine and Depleted Uranium Weapons

I recently finished “Deadly Dust”, a 2007 documentary from a highly-respected German physician detailing the health impacts that handling and being subjected to depleted uranium weapons can have don those affected and future generations, not least cancers and genetic deformities. I will not substitute the testimonies of those in the film for my own attempts at paraphrasing them, as it would do a terrible injustice. Instead, I will link a copy of the documentary with English subtitles down below.

This documentary becomes all the more relevant as we learn of the depleted uranium weapons sent by the British Government to Ukrainian forces. And now, we’re seeing evidence that they are indeed being used, such as in Polish radiation data and in orders from officials in Khmelnitsky.


These are weapons that have consequences on innocent civilians and future generations who played no part in instigating these conflicts, long after any fighting has ceased. For all intents and purposes, they are weapons of mass destruction. And yet, it is the Western nations who claim they are the ones against such weapons and instead for peace and prosperity. The hypocrisy of their actions cannot be overstated here.

Is it any wonder that so many other nations around the world are untangling themselves from Western power structures? Why the people of Donetsk and Lugansk are aligning themselves with Russia? Why the likes of BRICS and partnerships with China see rapid growth? Why would the people of these countries want to support a regime that is causing unimaginable misery for generations to come and refuses to take proper responsibility for it?

I hope the resurfacing of this documentary, which I must credit Robin Monotti, Mike Yeadon and Cory Morningstar for bringing to my attention, is seen by those giving their unconditional support to the war in Ukraine and in the military interventions of the West around the globe. Maybe, it can challenge those to re-evaluate whether the actions of their governments is something they feel comfortable supporting. For me, I know I cannot, and this film gives just one very good reason why.

Update: Shortly after the publication of this article, RT reported that a large cloud of “radioactive dust” is moving towards Europe from Ukraine. If this has been caused by the use of uranium depleted weapons, which it may well have been, then this goes to show how the effects of these weapons do not remain confined to one location and, in turn, can affect a much wider population of citizens playing no part in the conflict. Who will the responsibility of dealing with the health impacts of such incidents fall upon? Something tells me that those who caused it will not be racing to take that responsibility up.

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