Rain Drops | Better school & happy children with Arden Melnechuk

Inspirational: Arden Melnechuk and her community protected their children from abusive covid mandates, and created a learning center for them to thrive and play.

Speaking with Arden Melnechuk, a Canadian teacher who said NO to abusing children during the covid era and built a better school, was an inspiration and put wind back into my sails. The tyrants of today maintain their position by the acquiescence of the public, but no sane person would go along with such tyranny if they saw it for what it is, so these global predators control the information that we access and come to believe to be true. This goes far beyond fake news media outlets, and how these effect adults, because whilst there is indeed a battle being waged over the minds of the masses at present, the primary contention is over the minds of children; children are the future. If we let them rule the minds of the children, they win by default, and we´ll fall yet another generation deep into our collective slumber and mind control.

Arden´s work is critical, and is part of a large global movement of decentralized and holistic education. What lays ahead? What is the future? I believe that rests on our shoulders today. Will we leave the state to raise the children as they will, or will we get creative and take responsibility? The future is what we make. Choose.

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  1. Awesome interview. Thank you for bringing this information to the forefront. As a former homeschooling mum, Arden’s approach to learning and teaching hits very close to home. Hopefully more locations with the same philosophy will pop up!

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