Commentary on Canada´s Bill C-11 Explained + Real Solutions

A chilling law gives the government control over what you can say online

In this video, I read and provide commentary on Druther´s December 25th front-page story about Bill-C11 by Tom Parker. This is a critical issue! As they attempt to strip us of our access to natural supplements and holistic healthcare via Bill-C47, the government is also trying to crack down on our freedom of speech and what information we have access to. The rules are vague, open-ended, and give their goons the final say of what Canadians can see online. However, their plan will fail if we adapt with simple solutions like what I explain at the end of this video. Hope you enjoy it, and thank you for your time.

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  1. We Will NOT CONSENT !!!!
    This is Canada NOT CHINAda

    We want our beautiful country back so we can peacefully come~ create our GOLDEN AGE !!!

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