Justice for Garnet Harper | Two powerful action items

Father of five, Garnet Harper, dies after being denied a critical kidney transplant due to his “vaccination” status.

Medical discrimination in Canada is at an all-time high. After years of social disfellowship, inability to travel abroad due to irrational restrictions, living with the anxiety associated with second class citizenry, and the degradation of existing careers and denial of job opportunities, I thought that this had finally run its course and that everyone would wake up to the reality that this has gone too far. There is little or nothing left to abstain a fair and direct comparison between modern Canada and early Nazi Germany. In this video, I address the story of a 35 year old father of five and loving husband, who died from kidney failure after being denied a transplant, due to his “vaccination” status. We must over come the ongoing us versus them narrative. A Canadian is a Canadian, we are many, and the criminals responsible for our unnecessary suffering are very few.

In this video, I explain what happened to Mr. Harper, and demonstrate two simple but highly effective actionable items which you can do from the comfort of your own home in less than 20 minutes.


00:00 – 06:32 Introduction

06:32 – 15:30 The Sudbury Star report on Garnet Harper´s story

19:07 – 29:15 Interview with Dr Trozzi on medical facts

19:17 – 23:55 How does the spike protein affect organ transplants?

24:07 – 25:30 Is it safe to receive an organ donation from a covid injection victim?

25:00 – 28:30 Is there any medical reason to deny an unjabbed person a kidney transplant?

29:17 – 36:05 Withdrawing consent for organ donation upon death and modifying health card

36:05 – 37:20 Concluding statements


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