Matthew Ehret | Operation Gladio, France Destabilized & NATO

In this amazing and informative podcast, historian Matthew Ehret and economist V Guerrilla from Rogue News discuss some of the methodology and issues surrounding The Five Eyes, Operation Gladio and Cointelpro, the French Revolution and it’s correlation to Frances recent colour revolution, as well as NATO secret armies and intelligence organizations such as the CIA and CSIS in the use of domestic terrorism and espionage against Russia, China, and anti-imperial advocates discussing how it continues to this day and the importance of knowing the basic manipulatory tactics of history so that we do not fall prey and remain ignorant to the psychological operations placed upon us today. 

Enjoy the Video! 

For more on Rogue News visit: and their Rumble channel: RogueNewsTv

For more of Matthew Ehret’s work visit: and RisingTideFoundation 

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