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Reclaim Canada | Madison & MayCee Holmes

Youths Madison & MayCee Holmes reflect on attending and speaking at the WeUnify 2023 Reclaiming Canada Conference.

The epitome of, “A ship does not concern itself with its wake” was embodied when myself and my sister were invited to speak at the 2023 WeUnify Reclaiming Canada Conference; all because of the first OTTY podcast we did with Rain Trozzi and Evelyn Dove. Did either myself or MayCee think, “of course doing this first ever podcast for no other reason than ‘it seems like a good idea’ will inspire hope for the youth in the preceding generations and lead us to join other Canadian heroes at a historical conference”? Not particularly no, the thought hadn’t crossed our minds. Moreover, you can imagine how confident we were thinking, “ah yes, we are absolutely qualified to represent OTTY and Canadian youth”… Albeit that is almost entirely the opposite of what our true thoughts were, we met the call. As our mentor David likes to paraphrase, “God doesn’t call the qualified but he does qualify the called.” 

Below is our all encompassing reflection on the experience. To access the full conference (which I highly recommend as a totally non-partisan participant…), you can donate any amount of your choosing with a minimum of $5 and they will email you a virtual admission! If you are not interested in the entire conference but do want to hear what me and MayCee had to say, simply click here to go to the official WeUnify youtube where they’ve so kindly uploaded our 15 minute contribution :)).

Here is the luscious list of links to all the lovely people we allude to in the video! I gave basic site links because you can find all their other works and medias from them :)):

~ Chris Scott: AlbertaProsperityProject.com & WhistleStopCafe.ca

~ Jessica Rose: JessicasUniverse.com

~ Serena Freedombear: SerenaFreedombearFacebook

~ Vladislav Sobolev: HugsOverMasks.ca & CoachVladFacebook

~ Will Dove: StrongAndFreeCanada.org & IronWillReport.com

~Philip Davidson: BCPSforfreedom.com

~ Matthew Ehret & Cynthia Chung: RisingTideFoundation.net & CanadianPatriot.org

~ Chris Barber: ChrisBarberFacebook

~ Iain McGilchrist: ChannelMcGilchrist.com <MasterandHisEmissary>

~ Drea Humphrey: DreaHumphreyRebelNews

~ G. Edward Griffin: FreedomForceInternational.org <TheCreatureFromJekyllIsland>

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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