Fostering authentic masculinity with David Cordes

Mentor David Cordes joins Rain Trozzi to share his story of trauma, healing, and helping the next in line.

I had the recent pleasure of interviewing my mentor David Cordes. David stepped into the role of Mentor for myself and Over to the Youth members during our inception in early 2022, and has served our community diligently ever since. In this powerful video, David shares the emotional story of his early childhood trauma, and the healing he found as an adult and father in male facilitation circles. After which, he stepped up to answer a call to aid boys transitioning into early manhood; founding Boys to Men Canada to meet the unmet needs of young men – providing on mass the support he never had.

About David Cordes:

David Cordes is the founder of Boys to Men Canada, a mentoring program for at-risk male youth, and served as Executive Director from its inception in 2006 through 2022. Having trained for six years alongside world-class wellness practitioners and workshop leaders at the turn of the century, David felt compelled to build a safe and nurturing community of authentic men who could hold space for teenage boys, having experienced firsthand the personal and collateral damage created by this societal shortcoming. In the years that followed, David began delivering ground-breaking workshops and programs for parents, educators and community leaders to elevate the ecosystem of the youth he served, guided by the knowledge that “it takes a village.” In 2017, he birthed iMind the GAP and introduced the Journey Home series of workshops and programs for adults, designed to facilitate deeper self-awareness and real-life mastery. Two year later, The Journey Home had evolved into a 12-module online course that David continues to offer to present, creating life-changing experiences for all those that he works with. His commitment to the well-being of humanity coupled with his unique ability to build trust quickly and powerfully allows him to create authentic, heart-centered connections from where individuals can access their deeper truth. Compassionate and insatiably curious, David is driven by his unwavering commitment to “leaving it better than I found it”.

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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