The importance of gatherings with Tom Shaw and Rain Trozzi

Magic happens when people come together. Gatherings are central to community building and collaboration.

In this episode of Rain Drops, I´m joined by fellow Over to the Youth council member Tom Shaw to discuss the importance of gatherings, how we´ve implemented them into our organization, the intricacies we´ve discovered over the last year and a half of experimentation, and how our own gatherings have affected our lives and those of our community members. We go on to explore how we use technology to connect with youth around the world, and the fine line between useful and wasteful applications of such technology both as individuals and collectively.

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Tom,
    I just tried to mail you re: Above Phone & Laptop but the mail was returned (you gave details to me at the Betterway Conference earlier this year). Please would you contact me.
    With thanks and kind regards

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for getting in touch here as I am no longer able to access that email.

      If you’re looking for something that specifically involves Above Phone, then OTTY’s Rain Trozzi is likely better equipped to deal with your queries than me. I’ve passed on your message to him. Otherwise, Above Phone might be able to help you out directly at

      Let me know if this suffices!

  2. Hi Rain
    If it would help OTTY members, I’d be happy to coach self study about learning how to learn or active literacies. That is, learning how to think on your feet, organize your thoughts and speak your mind. If that sounds like something they’re interested in, email me.

    “mark spark”

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