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“The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs” from CanadianPatriotPress

In a reason-oriented worldview where I not only do my own research, but garner knowledge with the attention that conspiracy has never been abnormal for anyone in both local and global matrixes, myself and the clan delved into the origins of the UFO doctrine. To dig into historical context, there is no one better than CanadianPatriotPress & RisingTideFoundation : founded by Matthew Ehret & Cynthia Chung.

I will not reduce the first episode of this docu-series by attempting to summarize what I know I have still to finish mapping. The editing and visuals are just as contextually created as the information brought to bare. My zeal for this first episode was enkindled by the knowledge I had been honing from Rachel Wilson’s book, “Occult Feminism: The Secret History of Women’s Liberation.” Her work tilled the land for my brain to begin pattern recognizing the deeper connections presented in episode 1 of “The Hidden hand Behind UFOs.” That is hilarious, how on Earth could I have guessed reading the occult origins behind feminism would help me paint a broader canvas for UFO religious occultism!? The Universe works in funny ways :)) 

Please enjoy the hard work presented in the below 30 minute video, and consider subscribing to our telegram to share your feedback after getting this knowledge in your brain! 

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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  1. Matt & Cynthia are national treasures and the work they do to engage the rest of us is priceless. O.K they are academics, but they come across as very real people who are grounded. They even have a sense of humour about the history they disclose. The topic of UFO’s UAP’s and add any other three letter acronym you want to identify them by is in fact a very old topic. I was not surprised to learn this, but I am surprised how we get duped time and again by these old lies that are repackaged. They do a phenomenal job of illuminating the esoteric and hidden roots of the subject to expose the empty souls and minds who birthed the concepts. Everything old is new again. Given our current technological abilities it is easy to understand how technology can and may be used against us in the disguise of UFO’s. A steady diet of nearly eighty years of sci-fi and real science on this subject has prepared the populace to be fooled. If you watch this video, you might be one of many who will see through this conspiracy for what it is. Social engineering. Great stuff, thanks for sharing O.T.T.Y.

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