The Indoctrination of Children Continues

Over To The Youth recently received an email from one of our followers, linking us to an article from Police On Guard Canada. The article reports that almost all books from prior to 2008 are being removed from Canadian schools and public libraries under the guise that materials in these places should be “culturally responsive, relevant, inclusive, and reflective of the diversity of our school communities and the broader society.”

Those who have been following cultural trends over the past few years may be familiar with recent pushes towards altering the school curriculum, both by progressive political activists and for the benefit of Agenda 2021 (or Agenda 2030). We have seen this battle play out in the likes of Drag Queen’s Story Hour, the cancellation of authors like Dr Seuss, and sexual teachings for younger and younger ages in schools, to name just a few highlights.

Drag Queen's Story Hour often sees sexualised and progressively political content being read to children in schools. Image source: Horizons Foundation

While the sexualisation of children’s lives might be a more recent phenomena, the desire by oligarchs and technocrats for total control over children’s minds goes back much further than this – even as far as the introduction of the modern school system itself. The Prussian model of education – which the West has based its educational system on – was deliberately designed to create an obedient workforce of its populous. Lotus Eaters have a write-up which considers the consequences of the West adopting such a system, which you can read here. Then, we have seen gradual changes over time in the content that children have had access to in schools, culminating in a gradual erosion of reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Debbie DeGroff recently did a fantastic interview with Jerm Warfare on this topic, which is linked below:

I do believe, however, that we are turning the tide for good. The realisation of what has happened to children over the past few years is reaching people far and wide, and people aren’t happy. The recent Million March For Children in Canada is just one example of the wave of people who are seeing through the control methods being imposed on the children in their families.

Furthermore, the desire for homeschooling and better education systems is also growing, with people taking action and creating resources to help further these goals. Here are just a few items I have been saving up recently regarding how best we can teach children the skills and values they need to be successful in life:

I would love to hear what other materials and approaches have been on your radar in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Over To The Youth is a community of conscious individuals. The content reflects the lens of its individual creator rather than the community as a whole.

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