Our Active Endeavors

Empowering YouTube Content Creation

Our production Team has begun a collaborative endeavor to create helpful YouTube content targeting young people, with a focus on empowering youth with useful information, wisdom, and inspiration.

Communal Growth & Fortnightly Gatherings

 At OTTY, we empower young adults with communion and friendship, and have worked diligently to structure our organization to facilitate the healthy growth of our community, which gathers fortnightly.

Independant Publishing Platform for Youth

In pursuit of empowering young adults, we have built this website to provide our members with a place to publish their articles, videos, artwork, music, and poetry. We believe that it is important for young adults to have a voice as we collectively build a better way.

Meet Our Production Team

Rain Trozzi (CA)

Artist, web designer, entrepreneur and human rights activist. Rain is the founder of Over to the Youth and an active member of the Trozzi Team, since Early 2021.

Tom Shaw (UK)

Dental Student and Musician, UK. Striving to see future generations who will not bow to corruption and lies. You can follow him on Telegram at: https://t.me/TSWisdomTooth

Madison Holmes (CA)

Madison is an entrepreneur wholeheartedly pursuing incremental-progress in herself, her community, and her talents (music, art, writing, acting), and is a connoisseur of self-education.