Germ & Terrain Reality. Is SARS CoV2 real?

Do viruses exist? Is SARS COV2 real? What causes “infectious” diseases: germs or terrain? These are important questions, that must be resolved. There´s been so much confusion going around about Germ vs Terrain Theory. I tend to believe that there are viruses, and that the health of our bodies determines how likely they are to […]

Bitcoin | Ideas are bullet proof

After 13+ years, Bitcoin stands strong, but there are still concerns about its vulnerability. What makes Bitcoin bullet proof? What if the internet went down?

People Kind | Satire Video

Satire mock music video Here is a short satire video I made 3 years ago. I called it “People Kind”. It´s at the expense of Justin Castro-Trudeau, and oddly still feels relevent today.

Brace for impact! Waves of censorship inbound

Are the rumors of intensifying censorship worth preparing for? For those who have already thrown their gauntlet in the ring, this article is intended for you; particularly those who are in the 1% of people sacrificing everything to save everybody else – you are most surely under the most heat. For those still pondering how […]

How to buy non-KYC Bitcoin

Hodl Hodl demonstrative walkthrough: Links: Hodl Hodl: PepeLapiu: In depth tutorial featuring PepeLapiu: How to open a Hodl Hodl account Now that you have a non-custodial wallet, the next step is to acquire your first non-KYC coins. I recommend a service called Hodl Hodl. This is a pier to pier exchange. There […]