Sorry, I Must Have Forgotten

The teachers forgot how to teach.
The police forgot how to police.
The pastors forgot how to preach.
The doctors forgot how to heal.

Why I’m Re-Translating Metropolis

With themes of man vs machine, elites vs workers, controlled opposition, faith vs science and more, Metropolis provides key insights on how societies fall apart

My Marionette

This poem stemmed from an exercise I devised as part of some soul and shadow work I am doing with an excellent mentor of mine, David Cordes. In one of the modules, I identified a number of personas that operated through me and gave them names, descriptions, and characterisations on how they behave both in “shadow” and in “light”.

Physical and Digital Connections with Nika

In this conversation, I am joined by Nika. She is the lead on Vibehood – an organisation and community looking to promote values of and provide resources on self-improvement, philosophy and spirituality. She is also working with Healing H’arts on the B’right in Brecon Festival – a one-day event in Brecon that brings together different healing modalities with music, arts and more.

It Was No Accident

I’ve had this poem written for a while. If I recall correctly, I think I had recently discovered the excellent “Mistakes Were NOT Made” by Margaret Anna Alice , and this piece certainly contains some of that same energy but in a broader societal context. I also recall having a lot of conversations at the time with my mentor on how people come to perpetrate the same kind of abuse in later life that was inflicted on them in childhood and adolescence if that trauma is not dealt with.