Why I’m Re-Translating Metropolis

With themes of man vs machine, elites vs workers, controlled opposition, faith vs science and more, Metropolis provides key insights on how societies fall apart

A Letter To Tedros

This poem is written in response to recent comments made by WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus regarding the Pandemic Treaty, which was shared with me by Dr Tess Lawrie. The title and format is also loosely inspired by “A Letter To Dr Andrew Hill” by Dr. Lawrie.

The Indoctrination of Children Continues

Those who have been following cultural trends over the past few years may be familiar with recent pushes towards altering the school curriculum, both by progressive political activists and for the benefit of Agenda 2021 (or Agenda 2030). We have seen this battle play out in the likes of Drag Queen’s Story Hour, the cancellation of authors like Dr Seuss, and sexual teachings for younger and younger ages in schools, to name just a few highlights.

The Oslo Freedom Forum: A Davos For Revolutionaries

This article was chiefly inspired by this New Atlas video from last year, which is still worth a watch and covers much of the same ground that this article does. A huge credit to them for being the ones to lead me down this rabbit-hole and providing the building blocks for what I hope is a timely article.

On Ukraine and Depleted Uranium Weapons

I recently finished “Deadly Dust”, a 2007 documentary from a highly-respected German physician detailing the health impacts that handling and being subjected to depleted uranium weapons can have don those affected and future generations, not least cancers and genetic deformities.