Why I’m Re-Translating Metropolis

With themes of man vs machine, elites vs workers, controlled opposition, faith vs science and more, Metropolis provides key insights on how societies fall apart

What is Bitcoin Lightning?

Let’s unravel the mystery behind Bitcoin’s most highly acclaimed second-layer technology and explore how this innovative solution enhances the network.

Physical and Digital Connections with Nika

In this conversation, I am joined by Nika. She is the lead on Vibehood – an organisation and community looking to promote values of and provide resources on self-improvement, philosophy and spirituality. She is also working with Healing H’arts on the B’right in Brecon Festival – a one-day event in Brecon that brings together different healing modalities with music, arts and more.

What is Bitcoin?

A serious deep dive into what Bitcoin is and how it works to provide a secure and decentralized global transaction network.