It Was No Accident

I’ve had this poem written for a while. If I recall correctly, I think I had recently discovered the excellent “Mistakes Were NOT Made” by Margaret Anna Alice , and this piece certainly contains some of that same energy but

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Medicine Men

“Medicine Men” is a reflection on the state of institutionalised medicine, both from my firsthand experience and from the experience that many doctors, health practitioners and scientists across various disciplines have spoken about in recent years. This is contrasted with

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Final Gambit

It is clear that something is afoot in our skies, even if we cannot always agree on why, how, and to what extent. The implications of implementing weather modification without proper consent of the people subject to its impacts is

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What is Bitcoin?

A serious deep dive into what Bitcoin is and how it works to provide a secure and decentralized global transaction network.

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Why I Write

This poem is a little piece about what poetry means to me, which I’ve written in celebration of reaching over 100 subscribers on Substack. In the time between making this post available for my Tribe members and in it becoming

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A Letter To Tedros

This poem is written in response to recent comments made by WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus regarding the Pandemic Treaty, which was shared with me by Dr Tess Lawrie. The title and format is also loosely inspired by “A

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The Fruits of Our Labour

In the park one autumn day, when the beaten path could no longer contain me, tackling the bracken upon the wooded bank, I sought to learn what this world could be, should we be at home with the Earth.

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