To My Family 

There’s no such thing as an easy life. I slept easy, thinking the formula was on my bedside. That in the morning, I could pick it up, And try to solve this equation. Thinking there was an answer key  at the end of the book. I now realize that life isn’t a fucking textbook.    […]

Take That Mask Off

Take that mask off;let me see the real you.The you who can grin at the grimmest worldAnd end every day with compassion unfurled. Take that mask off;let me see the real you.The you who quivers as they feel others’ painand would stay to help in the pouring rain. Take that mask off;let me see the […]


Lampshade hues of lonely hearts,I was kissed upon a morning star.Some days I still have the sour aftertasteOf a time when my love went to waste. Dizzy neons in rank and file,I’d stumble some nights between bars for a while.I remember others that marched without soulfrom a time when my fear went to waste. Scriptures […]

The Fruits of Our Labour

In the park one autumn day, when the beaten path could no longer contain me, tackling the bracken upon the wooded bank, I sought to learn what this would could be, should we be at home with the Earth. At the top, a beauty stood still that only engages those who look for it. For […]


How can those men sleep at night,the ones who go and abandon children?Their hearts should be back in time for teabut instead the children’s plates are empty.They never see the fun of gamesand thus they never know their children.What then is left for them to dream? How can those men sleep at night,the ones who […]

Not Good Enough

Who was it for? Was it for you? For her? For him? For more? Who was it for? Was it for me? The deep unabashed penetrating dream, The willingless fever that never brought me on my feet, More Who was it for? Was it for him? The eyes you think you see? The in-the-box reality […]

The Bird who Climbed

There was a bird Who climbed up trees It struggled up To greater things It fell down hard every day But it continued on it’s way It never stuck to just one tree It would choose to climb three Or four Or more One day when it took a hard swing It sat on the […]


The blaze should brandish those who step wrong, yet you walk barefoot on that great wall of coal. A tongue of flames licks at your lips, relishing the language you speak and control. The blaze should char the rebels among us, yet you hop, skip and jump in the fire. It’s as if your ashes […]

Hitchhiking No Longer

A Poem on Breaking Away We were magnets for each other’s entropy;a wave goodbye was never the end.The tools in our hands were never weaponry;just conduits for us, for whatever stemmedfrom that yearning for sharing readily. Machinations in our minds we detected,validated, experimented, added to that legacythat said we were brothers, that said we were […]