Bitcoin | Ideas are bullet proof

After 13+ years, Bitcoin stands strong, but there are still concerns about its vulnerability. What makes Bitcoin bullet proof? What if the internet went down?

The Fluoride Narrative and Its Sceptics

As a dental student, I regularly experience the commitment of the medical establishment providing my education to fluoride. At times, it feels like a cult, with the sacred texts of ‘Delivering Better Oral Healthcare’ and other NHS guidelines, the ritual of the three-monthly fluoride varnish, and a need to preach to those opposed to fluoride […]

Back to the Basics of Being

An Opening into The Nature of Youth  “Why aren’t young people more involved in our contemporary challenges?” What is it about youth specifically that separates us from our surroundings? Both myself and other members of Over to the Youth have been pondering the answer to this convoluting matter. By taking a gander into the nature […]

Healthier Gut Microbiome, Healthier Life

In my previous article, I wrote about the practise of Shinrin-yoku and how cultures of the past have seen our existence as being intimately linked with that of nature’s existence. In this article, I will be exploring another way in which our lives are mutualistic with nature, only this time on a microscopic level, inside […]

Brace for impact! Waves of censorship inbound

Are the rumors of intensifying censorship worth preparing for? For those who have already thrown their gauntlet in the ring, this article is intended for you; particularly those who are in the 1% of people sacrificing everything to save everybody else – you are most surely under the most heat. For those still pondering how […]

Shinrin-Yoku: Improving Health by Reconnecting with Nature

“Like a man who has been dying for many days, a man in your city is numb to the stench.” Chief Seattle, of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes It is more important than ever that we are conscious of the environments that we spend our time in. For the half of the world’s population that […]

Early Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19

Introduction It is evident in the UK that the lifestyles and outlook on health that have been adopted by the general population have led to disastrous health outcomes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with deaths in the UK alone reaching over 160,000. Despite this, however, the government has made constant attempt to disempower […]

Harmony with the Earth | 3 ideas to reduce waste

In the current structure of most developed nations, “harmony with the Earth” may sound a bit fantastical. We’re often taught in school about greenhouse gasses, pollution, and a variety of ecological issues, but how often does the legacy education system put forward any tangible solutions? There is a general attitude in the world today that […]

Why Over to the Youth?

At the dawn of 2021, my father (Dr. Mark Trozzi) and I embarked on a mission to expose the atrocities of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, and aid in freeing Canada from their control. We were unsure of how we would make ends meet, or if we would be captured or killed. Would the positive impact […]

A Beginner Guide to End Big Tech Brainwashing

Copy and paste news. Fact checkers. Google black list. How to navigate Big Tech junk, and emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. In 1991, a Swiss computer programmer named Tim Berners-Lee changed the internet forever by introducing the World Wide Web. The internet, originally a US military innovation during the Cold War, had only ever been […]