The Indoctrination of Children Continues

Over To The Youth recently received an email from one of our followers, linking us to an article from Police On Guard Canada. The article reports that almost all books from prior to 2008 are being removed from Canadian schools and public libraries under the guise that materials in these places should be “culturally responsive, […]

Realising a Health Rebellion

“The most rebellious thing you can do – in the current circumstances – is to get healthy.” These are the words of Dr. Tess Lawrie in a recent interview at the 2023 Jam For Freedom Festival in the UK. I find myself in agreement with Tess, however, the question then arises of “what does a […]

How to kill a Cyber Addiction

Cyber addiction is plaguing our youth, especially young men. When we participate, we trade our potential for a fleeting sensation of entertainment.

Language For Manifesting Change

At a time when even dictionaries are changing the definition of words to promote agendas, I think we should be conscious of the language we are using as a means of embodying the world we want to live in. In this piece, I’m going to give a few examples of words I hear banded about […]

I Am Just Like You | Address at Manchester University, UK

On 10th June 2023, Tom Shaw was invited to give an address at a Free Speech Protest outside Manchester University, UK. The following article is a transcript of that address. Why am I here today, addressing you all? Well, I’m here because I am just like you. I get up in the mornings, some days […]

Virus Existence, The Internet and Dysfunctional Families

I don’t think I could say I would be in the position I am when it comes to the Covid narrative if it weren’t for Dr Mike Yeadon – a former Chief of Respiratory and Allergy at Pfizer – and I know this is also the case for other members of Over To The Youth. […]

The Oslo Freedom Forum: A Davos For Revolutionaries

This article was chiefly inspired by this New Atlas video from last year, which is still worth a watch and covers much of the same ground that this article does. A huge credit to them for being the ones to lead me down this rabbit-hole and providing the building blocks for what I hope is […]

The Future of Digital Sovereignty

Part 6 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 5 Now that we have explored a range of methods to promote digital sovereignty, I would like to use this piece to tie up some of the loose ends of this series, mention some of the technologies I would like to see develop further, and […]

Wellbeing and Analogue Tools For Digital Sovereignty

Part 5 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 4   |   Read Part 6 >>  It is no secret that there has been a heavy push by technocratic organisations to “digitise” the world. It is an approach that assumes we know exactly what makes up this world and that it can all be converted […]