The Oslo Freedom Forum: A Davos For Revolutionaries

This article was chiefly inspired by this New Atlas video from last year, which is still worth a watch and covers much of the same ground that this article does. A huge credit to them for being the ones to lead me down this rabbit-hole and providing the building blocks for what I hope is […]

The Future of Digital Sovereignty

Part 6 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 5 Now that we have explored a range of methods to promote digital sovereignty, I would like to use this piece to tie up some of the loose ends of this series, mention some of the technologies I would like to see develop further, and […]

Wellbeing and Analogue Tools For Digital Sovereignty

Part 5 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 4   |   Read Part 6 >>  It is no secret that there has been a heavy push by technocratic organisations to “digitise” the world. It is an approach that assumes we know exactly what makes up this world and that it can all be converted […]

Tools For Digital Sovereignty: Smartphones

Part 4 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 3   |   Read Part 5 >>  So far in this series, we have primarily looked at examples of tools that promote digital sovereignty on home computers and laptops. In this piece, I would like to focus on smartphones and their relation to digital sovereignty. Smartphones […]

Tools For Digital Sovereignty: Operating Systems

Part 3 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 2   |   Read Part 4 >>  In the previous piece, we began to explore different software that can promote digital sovereignty, based on some of the principles and ideas we introduced in Part 1. Today, I want to go one step further and look at […]

Tools for Digital Sovereignty: Computers and Laptops

Part 2 of the Digital Sovereignty Series << Read Part 1   |   Read Part 3 >>  [Last updated 19th April 2023] Previously, we went over what “digital sovereignty” means and ways of implementing that in the technology we use. In this piece, we’ll look at some examples of applications, software and other tools that I […]

An Introduction To Digital Sovereignty

Part 1 of the Digital Sovereignty Series Read Part 2 >>  The relentless waves of digital censorship we have seen since 2020 have alerted us to just how easy it is to abuse technology in aid of authoritarian means. One consequence to this has been the rapid adoption of apps like Telegram as an outlet […]

The Mouth As The Gateway To The Body

6 Paths Towards A Healthy Oral Microbiome In a previous piece on microbiomes – the bacterial communities within our body – I briefly mentioned gum disease to be an example of when our mouth’s community becomes imbalanced. However, the significance of this community – the oral microbiome – on our health goes much further than […]