An Introduction To Digital Sovereignty

Part 1 of the Digital Sovereignty Series Read Part 2 >>  The relentless waves of digital censorship we have seen since 2020 have alerted us to just how easy it is to abuse technology in aid of authoritarian means. One consequence to this has been the rapid adoption of apps like Telegram as an outlet […]

The Fruits of Our Labour

In the park one autumn day, when the beaten path could no longer contain me, tackling the bracken upon the wooded bank, I sought to learn what this would could be, should we be at home with the Earth. At the top, a beauty stood still that only engages those who look for it. For […]

Not Good Enough

Who was it for? Was it for you? For her? For him? For more? Who was it for? Was it for me? The deep unabashed penetrating dream, The willingless fever that never brought me on my feet, More Who was it for? Was it for him? The eyes you think you see? The in-the-box reality […]

Back to the Basics of Being

An Opening into The Nature of Youth  “Why aren’t young people more involved in our contemporary challenges?” What is it about youth specifically that separates us from our surroundings? Both myself and other members of Over to the Youth have been pondering the answer to this convoluting matter. By taking a gander into the nature […]