Bits of Truth #6 | How Bitcoin Proves “Anything is Possible”

Deflationary, decentralized, divisional, permissionless, open network, freedom money. When you get it, you really get it. Bitcoin, is a deflationary and divisible medium of exchange, and is extraordinary in and of itself. Starting out as an obscure piece of underground technology, worth mere fractions of a penny, it has exploded in value by many orders […]

Bits ofTruth #5 – Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin? Poetically, the founder of this anonymous medium of exchange, did so anonymously. Austin and Rain ponder some ideas of who it might be, explored who it definitely couldn´t be, and why it is in Satoshi´s interest to never be discovered.

Bits of Truth #4 Can we thrive in a decentralized society?

Description Rain and Austin get together for the fourth episode of Bits of Truth. The episode starts off with a dark (and I mean real dark) BTC Doomsday scenario painting a picture of a world without electricity. Fortunately however, the episode takes a lighter and more hopeful approach. Near the midway point, when the topic of living and thriving in a decentralized […]

Bits of Truth Episode 3: Bitcoin to Mars?

Description Rain and Austin get together for the third episode of BitsofTruth. This episode is all over the place but is packed with out of this world topics, Such as, how would Bitcoin fare on a martian society trying to transact with earth? Are the robots on mars even real, and how you can use […]

Bits of Truth Episode 2: A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin

Description Welcome to the second episode of Bits of Truth hosted by Rain Trozzi and Austin McLaren. In this episode we discuss Bitcoin from a technical and philosophical perspective. Next we talk about the difference between “good and bad” Bitcoins and how we use these “good” Bitcoins as a way to fund projects and pay […]

Bits of Truth Episode 1: Who Are We?

Description Austin McLaren and Rain Trozzi kicked off their new podcast a couple of days ago. It´s called Bits of Truth – haha… get it? These two buddies have set their intentions on exploring what they´ve learned about cryptocurrency, and documenting their journey together in podcast format as they expand their personal understandings of this well known […]

WHO Schemes & how to STOP THEM | The Dr Rima Laibow Show

OTTY got involved by helping experts with video editing OTTY had the pleasure of collaborating with The Trozzi Team on editing this video. We hope to continue helping the freedom movement with our growing team in creative ways such as this. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 30, there’s lots of ways to […]