On Ukraine and Depleted Uranium Weapons

I recently finished “Deadly Dust”, a 2007 documentary from a highly-respected German physician detailing the health impacts that handling and being subjected to depleted uranium weapons can have don those affected and future generations, not least cancers and genetic deformities. I will not substitute the testimonies of those in the film for my own attempts […]

Choosing joy with Robito Chatwin

Description In this recorded conversation between Over to the Youth founder Rain Trozzi, and founder of the Conscious People´s Network Robito Chatwin, the two explore Robito´s unique journey as a life-long nomad; the tools and gems he found along the way; his covid experience and how he found resilience in the face of fear. Robito […]

Bitcoin and shitcoins are not the same…

Founder of Over to the Youth Rain Trozzi reacts and comments on the thought provoking new documentary by James Jani called “Crypto: The World’s Greatest Scam.”