The Over To The Youth Podcast #6 | Masculinity, Femininity and Integrity

In this conversation, Over To The Youth members Cyril Pavlica, Tom Shaw, Rain Trozzi, MayCee Holmes and Madison Holmes explore ideas around masculinity and femininity in the modern era. In doing so, they navigate what it means to be a man or woman of integrity at a time when society is lacking good role-models for […]

Overcoming Life’s Traumas with Laura Samson

I recently had a conversation with OTTY Mentor and holistic healer Laura Samson, where we discussed our “Fundamental Life Operating System” (or “Fundamental Life Operating Program” to make the fun acronym FLOP), the collective trauma experienced by humanity in the past few years, and how digital technology can be used to serve the physical realm. […]

Leading By Example with Madison Holmes

A few weeks ago I sat down to record a conversation with Over To The Youth’s Madison Holmes. As a founding member of OTTY, Madison has been instrumental in allowing OTTY to grow into what it is today, contributing a number of pieces for the website in the process. This includes representing Over To The […]

The Failings of Modern Filmmaking with Harvey Page

Those who have been following Over To The Youth for a while may recognise OTTY member and freelance filmmaker Harvey Page from one of our previous videos on dealing with stress. I recently recorded a conversation with Harvey, in which we discussed the success of Clarkson’s Farm, the direction that the film industry has moved […]

Madison and MayCee Holmes on Reclaiming Canada

Madison and MayCee Holmes’ contributions to the 2023 Reclaiming Canada conference are now available to view online for free. You can watch all of these down below. Firstly, there is a joint speech they gave to attendees on the second day: Secondly, here is the panel on Education to which they contributed, following their speech […]

At Home With The Holmes – from SuperSpreaders Livestream

This recording is taken from a recent SuperSpreaders livestream, which features OTTY members Madison, MayCee, Kyle and Seb, along with their family, talking about their experiences of seeing through the narratives of the past few years as a family unit. You can follow SuperSpreaders at and

Reclaim Canada | Madison & MayCee Holmes

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Youths Madison & MayCee Holmes reflect on attending and speaking at the WeUnify 2023 Reclaiming Canada Conference. The epitome of, “A ship does not concern itself with its wake” was embodied when myself and my sister were invited to speak at the 2023 WeUnify Reclaiming Canada Conference; all because of the first OTTY podcast we […]