Welcome to Over to the Youth

What are we co-creating?

Over to the Youth is a community of conscious individuals with a shared vision of creating a harmonious world with meaningful, soulful and resilient relationships between each other and our environment.

Be the change you want to see in the world - Ghandi

Together, we choose to be the change we wish to see, fostering health and self-empowerment, with a focus on building bridges between mentors and mentees.

Our Shared Vision

We envision a future where our youth share their gifts abundantly within their communities and beyond – a future where we build up a love for life, ourselves and each other. We believe in the transformative energy of people coming together, the courage to create, and the connective power of genuine expression.

Our Mission

We commit to…

  • leading by example and inspiring our peers to follow their authentic callings
  • facilitating community, collaboration and opportunity for those who feel an urge to make the world a better place
  • healing and strengthening the continuity between generations

Your generation is almost completely unrepresented. Would you consider putting your name out there?

“No, my place is in the background,” I answered. Nevertheless, the seed was sown, and the question occupied my mind day and night: If not me, then who?

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Grow (None of) Your Own | Is this the “new normal”?

Is the public being subliminally discouraged from food self-sufficiency, and surrender our independence to a new normal of total dependancy on the state? With the recent spikes in cost of living and problems in food supply chains seen across many nations, one might be inclined to turn to growing your own food as a means of self-sufficiency and keeping costs

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The Fluoride Narrative and Its Sceptics

As a dental student, I regularly experience the commitment of the medical establishment providing my education to fluoride. At times, it feels like a cult, with the sacred texts of ‘Delivering Better Oral Healthcare’ and other NHS guidelines, the ritual of the three-monthly fluoride varnish, and a need to preach to those opposed to fluoride all pitched as part-and-parcel of

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Back to the Basics of Being

An Opening into The Nature of Youth  “Why aren’t young people more involved in our contemporary challenges?” What is it about youth specifically that separates us from our surroundings? Both myself and other members of Over to the Youth have been pondering the answer to this convoluting matter. By taking a gander into the nature of youth, I believe we

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Healthier Gut Microbiome, Healthier Life

In my previous article, I wrote about the practise of Shinrin-yoku and how cultures of the past have seen our existence as being intimately linked with that of nature’s existence. In this article, I will be exploring another way in which our lives are mutualistic with nature, only this time on a microscopic level, inside our bodies. What makes a

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